Psychological Evaluations are used to:

  • Clarify psychiatric diagnosis,
  • Guide and improve psychotherapy and inform psychiatric treatment, including choice of medications,
  • Collaborate with all treating personnel to achieve optimal therapeutic effect.

Neuropsychological Evaluations are used to:

  • Assess cognitive level of functioning and to aid in diagnosis of neurological conditions, including dementia, mild cognitive impairment, traumatic brain injury and attention deficit disorder,
  • Produce a profile of individual strengths and weaknesses to guide cognitive remediation, inform psychotherapy and improve daily functioning.
  • Assess Short-term and long-term memory,
  • Assess the ability to learn new skills and solve problems,
  • Assess attention, concentration, and distractibility,
  • Evaluate Logical and abstract reasoning functions,
  • Assess the ability to understand and express language,
  • Measure visual-spatial organization Visual-motor coordination,
  • Evaluate planning, synthesizing and organizing abilities,
  • Clarify diagnosis.
Céline Paillot, PhD, MSCP, ABPP

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