RO-DBT Adult Skills Group


Our Skills Group is a skills group designed to help for problems of overcontrol. Overcontrol is a type of personality or coping style that can lead to social isolation, poor interpersonal functioning, and mental health problems, such as eating disorders, autism spectrum disorders, chronic depression, and obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (which refers to perfectionism, preoccupation with orderliness, and need for mental and interpersonal control). Our group relies on DBT and Radically Open DBT, an evidence- based treatment developed specifically for problems of overcontrol developed by Dr. Thomas Lynch. It aims to promote willingness, psychological flexibility and social connectedness.

DBT Adult Skills Group


In our adherent DBT Adult Skills Group, members will learn how to live more fully in the present moment (mindfulness), how to have more effective relationships with others (interpersonal effectiveness), how to identify and manage emotions (emotion regulation), and strategies to help effectively survive an emotional crisis (distress tolerance). This group is for anyone who struggles to control their feelings and who desires skills to manage intense emotions and thoughts. Individuals with anxiety, depression and impulsive behaviors would be good candidates for this group.

Advanced DBT Group

Our Advanced, adherent DBT Skills group aims at skills generalization. It is for individuals who already completed a round of a regular DBT skills group and would like to further their knowledge and practice of the skills. It covers emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, walking the middle path and distress tolerance skills.

DBT Parents Skills Group

Our parents’ skills group is designed to help parents understand the difficulties presented by their adolescent or young adult. The objective is for parents to acquire skills in order to improve response to adolescent / young adult’s emotional reactivity.

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