Treatment of a wide range of mental disorders utilizing evidence-based psychotherapeutic treatments such as cognitive behavioral and motivational approaches. An eclectic, individualized approach is employed to customize treatment programs to each client’s needs to maximize therapeutic effect. Group, couples and family therapy are also available. When appropriate, psychotherapy may be further supplemented with psychological or neuropsychological assessment to clarify, diagnose and aid in designing optimal interventions.

Psychological Assessment
Psychological Assessment is used in clarifying psychiatric diagnosis to guide and improve psychotherapy and inform psychiatric treatment, including choice of medications. Dr Paillot is available for consultation with treating psychiatrists, and is committed to collaborating with all treating personnel to achieve optimal therapeutic effect.

Neuropsychological Assessment
Neuropsychological Assessment is used to assess cognitive level of functioning and to aid in diagnosis of neurological conditions, including dementia, mild cognitive impairment, traumatic brain injury and attention deficit disorder. Additionally, neuropsychological assessment can be used to produce a profile of individual strengths and weaknesses to guide cognitive remediation, inform psychotherapy and improve daily functioning.

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